Estate Planning

  • Will – Caveat: without a will, your assets are distributed under state law.
  • Revocable, irrevocable or testamentary trust.
  • Health care directives.
  • Financial power of attorney.
  • File beneficiary forms.
  • Make final arrangements.
  • Protect your business.


Tax Notice

  • Requires response within applicable time frame. 
  • File and request assistance with taxpayer advocate office.

IRS Tax Assessment

  • Consider request for due process hearing.
  • Request hearing with IRS appeals.
  • Consider filing with U.S. tax court.

IRS Tax Liens

  • Request equivalency hearing.
  • Installment payment request.
  • Offer and Compromise.

Amended Tax Return

  • Filing amended returns within the statute of limitations.
  • Carryback of net operating losses.
  • Tax refund claims.

IRS Exam & Tax Problem Resolution

  •  Will obtain an IRS and state power of attorney so that our firm is the contact for correspondence and negotiations with the applicable tax authorities.
  • Our firm will deal with IRS agents, examinations and collections.
  • If necessary, we will file a petition with the US tax court on your behalf.

ASC740 Deferred Taxes

  • Tax analysis, computation and financial statement, disclosure of deferred taxes.
  • Merger, acquisitions and reorganization.
  • Tax positions documentation and risk analysis